The Elementary Program is designed as follows:

    • The curriculum is designed to teach second language learning skills (i.e. how to go about learning languages) & the Spanish langauge is just the vehicle for this process.
    • It is an exposure program and Spanish mastery is not expected.
    • The curriculum is designed to strengthen students’ understanding of language in general by allowing for comparison and contrast of: word formation, grammatical concepts, delivery, cultural influence on language, etc.
    • The three main goals of enduring learning in this program are:
      • Use metacognitive (learning) strategies for vocabulary acquisition (word association, repetition, etc.).
      • Recognize world language structures (gender, question structure, number agreement, forms of address).
      • Develop language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and cultural awareness.
    • The Spanish program is designed in a trimester format, with one lesson per week for 12 weeks.