Srta. Taylor Teaches the Nature Vocabulary

For all 5th graders! Srta. Taylor has added an instructional video about the nature vocabulary so you can practice pronouncing the words with her and reviewing the learning tricks we discussed in class! You can watch below or refer to the Nature Activities page.

Pronouncing the 100s-Place Numbers

Srta. Taylor made a video to help all 4th and 5th graders learn the 100s place numbers! You can find this is the videos section of the Numbers Activity page…   …or watch it below! šŸ™‚      

New: Recipes Page & 2nd Grade Recipe Video

We have just added TWO new resources to supplement the learning of O’Hara and Hartwood 2nd graders who are learning how to make recipes. First and foremost, O’Hara 2nd graders Emilia Harajda and Sofia Gass took time at home to make their own smoothie recipe video at home. Not only is their video cute and […]

3 New Interactive Presentations for: El Alfabeto (The Alphabet)

Three new interactive presentations have been added to FCSpanish to help the kindergarteners (and older students, too) remember both the names of the 30 Spanish letters as well as the sounds they make. The first one only teaches the names and sounds for each of the 30 letters. Part 2 practices the names and sounds […]

New Interactive Presentation: Verbos para recetas (Verbs for Recipes)

O’Hara and Hartwood 2nd graders are working hard to learn how to make recipes in Spanish using simple verbs like “I cut,” (Corto), “I mix” (Mezclo), and “I eat” (Como). This new presentation, which was added to the Fruits & Vegetables activity page, will help students learn, review, and practice these verbs so that they […]