3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Review Packets

For 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students of Señorita Taylor (O’Hara 3-5 and Hartwood grade 3 and 4B only), the students were given review packets to keep them reviewing the information we have learned for the first quarter. Spanish will resume for these students in Quarter 4, which begins in April. Students were given a […]

Kindergarten Review Packet

KindergartenSummerReviewPacket2015   Download and print the packet here for summer review and fun in Spanish! I created this packet because one of my kindergarteners requested it of me. Have a great summer!

2nd Grade Cooking Shows Are Up!

There are two good ways to watch the 2nd grade cooking shows from O’Hara and Hartwood.   1. Go to the 2nd grade activity page entitled “Recetas (Recipes)” 2. Click here to go directly to YouTube.

New Vocabulary Videos on FCSpanish!

Señorita Taylor has just made two new vocabulary videos, one for pet vocabulary and the other for fruits. Check out the Activities for Learning pages for Pets and Fruits to watch them!    

O’Hara 4th Grade Fashion Shows

These are also available in the all-schools clothing playlist on the Clothing Activities page as well as in the Entertainment Section (Under “Videos” -> “O’Hara”)!  

DuoLingo! — Learn Spanish at Home for Free & for Fun!

What is DuoLingo? DuoLingo is a website & app that teaches various languages in an easy and fun manner! Try it for yourself using the new version for schools! Log in on your computer or using the app on your tablet or phone!   https://www.duolingo.com/o/2c4a2zrx